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Building Resilience Today for Success Tomorrow

A guaranteed investment in your teen’s future.


What Can Coaching Help With?

ADHD, Anxiety, Substance Misuse, Depression, Body Image Issues, Technology, Motivation, Stress, Eating Disorders, Bullying, Sexual Activity, Parent/Teen Communication, Peer Pressure, and more. 


What Results Can I expect?

Parents report rapid shifts in their teenager’s communication, behavior, attitude, motivation, and happiness. Teens say they finally feel comfortable in their skin and able to pursue their goals and live authentically. 


Why Use A Coach not a Therapist?

Apples and Oranges. Coaching and therapy often work well together! While traditional therapy often works on processing events happening in the past, coaching works on implementing immediate changes in daily life.


Hi I'm Nicole

A neuroscience-based cognitive behavioral
practitioner for young adults seeking help with
emotional regulation and life skills.

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How Does Coaching Work?

Coaching takes an active-approach to change so clients can immediately begin to see a shift in their daily lives.  Unlike traditional talk therapy where clients spend months, or even years, passively working towards goals, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coaching is:

  • ACTION-Oriented 

  • RESULTS-Based

  • PRESENT-Focused

Think of Cognitive Behavioral Coaching as a form “Doing”therapy, where clients ACTIVELY make changes to the pain points they are facing today. 

"Nicole offers impartial, trustworthy, non-judgmental support to help teens navigate life’s stressors.” -Parent (Singapore)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

A solutions-focused form of psychotherapy that empowers individuals to recognize and change unhelpful relationships between thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors.

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Non-Violent Communication

A communication style designed to increase empathy and improve quality of life by meeting the fundamental needs of all parties involved. 

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Somatic Therapies

A holistic form of body-centered therapy that focuses on the connection between mind, body, brain, and behavior to reduce stress and stay connected to the present moment. 

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Life Coaching

A mentorship relationship inspiring adolescents to make the most of life’s opportunities through: Setting goals, identifying obstacles, and coming up with specific strategies for success. 


A solutions-focused form of psychotherapy that empowers individuals to recognize and change unhelpful relationships between thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors.

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Nicole Bulsara

Teen Coach

Nicole Bulsara is a highly experienced addiction, trauma, and special needs coach specializing in adolescents aged 11-19. She got her start in the industry working with children on the autism spectrum as a behavioral interventionist before branching out into her own practice to include adolescents with Attention Deficit Disorder and Process Addictions including food and gaming. 

From here Nicole went on to receive her Master of Arts in Education and teach in the mainstream classroom. She eventually went on to study the neuroscience of addiction and trauma under the guidance of double board-certified Neuroscientist and Psychotherapist Dr. Reshie Joseph, MBBS, MSc, and has worked across a number of public and private rehabilitation centers in America and Asia. 

Nicole is no stranger to the struggles her clients face, gaining connections and empathic insight through real-world understanding and compassionate perspective.


Coaching Outcomes

During a coaching session, Nicole will incorporate various empowerment strategies to help clients navigate the roadblocks they are facing. By focusing on the areas of improvement below, clients can expect quality of life and mood to begin to improve almost immediately.  


Brain training has become a common practice among top level professionals and academics as a means to improve concentration and minimize distraction. Nicole is excited to implement this technique as a way to combat mounting academic pressures in teens and promote a healthy school / life balance. 

Transformed Beliefs and Thinking Patterns 

Positive solutions-based therapies continue to show highly promising results as a way to prevent dysfunctional behaviors in teens. Learning how to recognize limiting beliefs when the arise and challenging their validity leads to confident well-adjusted young adults 

Emotional Resilience

When teens grasp the ability to shift their thoughts and reactions during high stress situations, they gain the power to confidently navigate their life in a more independent way. By learning these skills at a formative age, teens begin to intuitively implement emotional regulation strategies when needed so they are able to cope, adjust, and move forward when problems arise.

Self Self Esteem 

Teens with high self-esteem better handle peer pressure, make better decisions, and recover quicker from setbacks. They are better equipped to become independent adults  who self motivate as a means to achieve academic success and manage school life balance when at university.

Short & Long Term Goals

Learning to set and achieve goals builds confidence and resilience. Teens learn the value of personal satisfaction and accomplishment that only comes after enduring setbacks and motivation fluctuations. 

Healthy Habits

Adolescence is a time of significant development in the teenage brain. It is imperative that teens learn healthy habits like practicing good sleep hygiene, because healthy teens are literally smarter teens.



Successful Past Clients &  Professional References


I began working with Nicole when I was undergoing treatment for alcoholism which had left me anxious and unsure of myself. I had never had any previous counselling and so I was reluctant to open up to her but I found that she was an incredibly easy person to talk to and I always felt that I was with someone that I could trust absolutely.


Nicole was always extremely calm and not phased by anything that I shared. I loved that Nicole gave me practical advice and things I could work on as well as a sympathetic ear. As a result of working with Nicole I was able to build relationships and handle social situations which had seemed impossible beforehand. I am very grateful to have met Nicole and would recommend her wholeheartedly.


Former Client

A coach can help your teen to learn how to handle obstacles and setbacks, establish positive thinking patterns, and monitor growth.

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